Bestline Racing Engine Treatment Miracle					August 6, 2023
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Bestline Racing Engine Treatment Miracle August 6, 2023

Hey Perry,

I’ve got an amazing, true story to tell you about what happened to me and my car last week.

I live in the western part of Massachusetts in a small rural town not far from Northampton, and last week I had to drive to Boston, which is about 100 miles away. It was a very hot afternoon, and once I hit the greater Boston area, the traffic was heavy, with lots of stop and go movement – or lack thereof.

Rawns Jag

My car – a 2005 Jaguar X-Type SportWagon with about 160k on the clock – was running beautifully, both on the highway and while in traffic in town. However, as I got close to where I was going and was pulling into the parking garage, I noticed a film of oil starting to build on my passenger-side windshield, followed by smoke coming from under the right side of the hood, along with a strong smell of engine oil.

Alarmed, I parked, shut down the motor, and popped the hood. Yikes!... the engine oil cap was not in its proper place, and the right side of the engine (where the filler neck is) and compartment were covered in engine oil. When I pulled the dipstick, it was completely dry – not a drop of oil on it, even at its extreme bottom end!

I should mention here that I have been a devoted user of your BestLine Racing Engine Treatment (and gas treatment) for a long time, and always try to add a bottle at each oil change. But sometimes it turns out that I’m out of it when the oil change happens, so I run the car without it until I get a new shipment. In all the time I have had the Jag – several years now – I have always noticed how much better the engine seems – smoother, quieter, and more powerful – with the treatment in there than it is without it.

In this instance, I have to say that I truly believe that Bestline Engine Treatment saved the engine. I caught an Uber to the nearest auto parts store, bought 6 quarts of Mobile 1/European Car Formula, got back to the car and topped it up… started the engine holding my breath… and drove home.

It ran as though nothing had happened at all.  During the entire time the oil was blowing out that filler neck, the oil warning light had never come on. The engine warning light had never come on. The engine had never over-heated. And on the return drive, the engine never knocked, and drove with all its usual performance – and is still running that way now.

What can I say? This was a completely unintended, real-world test of your Bestline Engine Treatment formula, and I have to say it passed the test with all flags flying.

Since this incident, I have realized that I must have removed the oil cap to top-up the oil, and somehow forgot to put it back where it belonged. (Miraculously, the cap was still sitting on top of the engine where I had left it, so that was a big help.) And that oil top-up occurred a few days BEFORE my trip to Boston – so who knows how long and far I had been driving before I even left for Boston? Truly amazing…

In conclusion, my Jag and I would really like to thank you for this amazing product. I’m reasonably certain that the two of us wouldn’t have made it home if the treatment hadn’t already been in there, and you can be darn sure that I won’t be starting any of my engines without it in the future.

Gratefully yours,

Rawn Fulton

Bernardston, MA

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