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Ultra-Low Friction Diamond Nano-Lubricant Explained

Ultra-Low Friction Diamond Nano-Lubricant Explained

Energy is lost due to friction that arises between the hundreds of parts that comprise an engine. This ultra-low friction technology uses nanotechnology in order to reduce friction.

Reducing friction by approximately 60% compared to conventional engines, by forming an ultra-low friction film on top of the Diamond Nano-coating.

Ultra-Low Friction Diamond Nano-Lubricant Explained

The Diamond Nano-Lube along with our other proprietary pure synthetic base oils and additives provide longer-lasting wear and heat protection for your motor.

The nano-size particles fill the tiny voids and valleys called asperities, this creates a mirror-smooth surface that attracts the lubricating oil and holds it in place.

Our Diamond Nano-Lube works to prevent wear by reducing the coefficient of friction. This is turn reduces heat, releasing power and reducing wear.

A few major automotive manufactures are finally starting to realize these same results on their high-performance engines that require Zero Viscosity Oils to meet the new EPA demands.

Our Diamond Nano-Lube additives help to prevent the damage caused by the low viscosity oils and the thermal breakdown caused by the excessive heat generated.

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